Poker Night

No this is not really a post about playing poker. It is not even a post about playing poker with your colleges and how this can increase your report and make you part of the group. Or even about how to be the only woman at poker night. Instead it is about how I am becoming my mother.

When I was a kid my family always had meet up locations everywhere we went. “OK so if you get lost come to the fountain at the front of Disney World.” I went on trips with other families and they didn’t do this. Logically it makes sense. I mean we didn’t have cell phones (no not even my parents had them when I was really young) and it gave you somewhere to look if you got lost.

Often when we were late to get picked up or standing in the wrong spot my mom would tell us how not knowing where we were and not knowing where to meet people was her biggest fear. I honestly didn’t get it. What was the big deal if I was at the end of the school drive through rather than the beginning?

Yesterday night was poker night. Since some of the guys from work think that it would be wrong to gamble on campus they hold poker night at their apartment. I was coming directly from home instead of from work. when I got to their apartment (which I had never been to before) I knocked, with no answer I tried calling one of the people there whos number I had. No answer. After looking at the email on my phone which said they were going to go and pick up the sushi first I took a bus to the sushi place (10min bus–40min walk) and no dice. Next I tried calling a friend who wasn’t there but would have someone else’s phone number. Honestly I think I would have skipped the whole thing at this point except that I had to take the city bus back to by the apartment to get my bus home. So 50min late I finally arrived and did have a good time but man…