Shopping in Swedish!!!

Goal of the day: find fun things to buy & do so in Swedish

Mission accomplished! Today I went to the largest shopping mall in Sweden with 2 of the girls from work. We all had a few things we were looking for. My list was: get ipod fixed, blazers for work, black heals for with work dresses, and a structured purse for work (and fun). Seriously mission accomplished I found something in each of these categories. I had a great day chatting with the girls from work about world fashion, weddings (they are both planning their weddings), gradschool vs. professional style, and so much more. We shopped our way through about half of the huge mall before giving in and heading to dinner and cocktails.

The biggest win of all was that I did all but one store and one drink of my shopping in Swedish. I ordered my coffee and muffin, in Swedish. I bought my great new blazer for work, in Swedish. I even had a long conversation (2 min+) with one shop attendant about how my new purse was the color of pear ice cream, how we don’t have pear ice cream in the US and how traditional silhouettes in fun colors is modern fashion. Basically everything I bought except when getting my ipod fixed at the apple store, I started the conversation in Swedish and I didn’t change to English. At the bar, one of the bar tenders was British so he began to talk  to me in English when he heard me turn to the girls I was with and speak in English. However, since this wasn’t of my doing I think overall it was a successful shopping and a successful Swedish day!

shopping haul!

shopping haul!


Irish Coffee

Today I had Irish coffee with my Farmor (father’s mother). We talked about all sorts of random things and I felt like I made a lot of progress speaking in Swedish but the best part was what happened on facebook afterwards:

irish coffee