Doktor (or in American: Doctor) Lisa A. Fredin got her B.S. in Chemsitry, Biochemistry, and Applied Mathematics from The University of Texas at Austin in 2003 and her PhD in Materials and Theoretical Chemistry from Northwestern University in 2012. She grew up in Texas; “born but NOT bred Texan”. Her mother is from California and her father from Sweden and “y’all” was not a common word heard growing up.

Lisa is currently in Lund, Sweden as a postdoc in Theoretical Chemistry. This blog will tell the tale of Lisa’s travels and thoughts on science, culture and life abroad during her time in Sweden.


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  1. that’s pretty amazing! so you moved from chicago to sweden using only 3 suitcases? what did you feel was the most useful that you took?

    i am going to australia on a work/holiday visa from canada. i am planning to stay mainly in melbourne. i have sooo many lovely books and magazines and decorative items in my room (i currently live with my parents)…id like to take it all with me but i know i will have to simply stick to clothes and necessities. also i have a lot of photo equipment :S

    any suggestions?


    • Dina,

      First, I did ship a few things as well but mostly what I shipped was resources for my job (reference books etc.). I focused on taking things that were either WAY more expensive in Sweden, not available at all, or necessary. I took a few personal things (4 framed photos, 2 collectable statues, and 2 childhood stuff animals that have always lived with me, and two complete series sets of my favorite tv shows).

      I think it really depends how long you will stay in Australia, but for me I was going to be in Sweden for 2+yrs so I knew that I would need to buy bath products, makeup, clothes, shoes, etc. over that time period anyway, so I look the minimum amount of these things to get me started and bought cheap when I got to Sweden. Instead most of my cases were filled with my electronics, jewelry, and expensive clothes that I didn’t want to live without, plus you know shoes 🙂

      I would highly recommend a few pictures or mementos that make your room feel like home but you could definitely do this with printing pictures when you get there and making a photo board 🙂

      good luck on your travels!!!

  2. thank you so much for your helpful response! i agree any toiletries or things like that should be bought in the country (as you said bring just enough to get you started). favorite clothes, a few personal items and things like that are what one should bring…

    thanks again 🙂 dina

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