2013 Goals Update 4

The sun is coming up earlier and earlier every day so it is time to jump start my yearly goals again.

Every month I hope to keep you all updated on my progress toward my yearly goals.

End of April, how am I doing with my yearly goals?

Well, over all this month I have not made much progress…

1: work at the office 5 days a week: done!

2: work out: As in past months very little consistent training has occurred but by choosing to walk the long way around often I have made some progress. Using my new pedometer every day I am averaging > 5,000 steps a normal work day getting up as high as ~15,000 on some days. From all of this and by utilizing the wavering “sticky lbs” I am down 6 kg in the last 2 months. This brings me closer and closer to my first mostly unstated weight goal. I am looking for ways to increase the amount of training I do and also take some dance classes as I used to love dancing.

3: keep up with blog: failure. This has been sacrificed for “real” work, from my job and my dad visiting the last few days. Need to find a better way to keep up with posting all of my ideas.

4: work on my Swedish:  My new Swedish class is much harder than the last. I still am struggling with remembering vocab and having words for what I would like to say. I am trying a new program for this and hope to have a good review to report soon.

Outlook for May: UPDATE BLOG, do more intense workouts more often, and keep up with Swedish class & vocab.

I hope you guys will help keep me motivated and honest about the results of this 🙂


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