Making New Friends

Making new friends is the hardest thing about moving anywhere new. The real problem is always where will you meet new people and how will you transition them from being work colleges, that girl/guy in your ___ class, roommate, or any other category of acquaintance to a true friend you can call and say “my day sucked lets meet that the bar 1/2 way between our houses for a drink on the way home.”

I have been living in Sweden for 4 months now and honestly I have a lot of acquaintances, my family, and no real friends. I was spoiled in my last city that I magically became best friends with 2 amazing people in just over 3 months.

SOO how do you make friends? You invite them to do things out side of your normal settings. Today I am going shopping with 2 girls from work. Wish me Luck!shopping


3 comments on “Making New Friends

    • I don’t know I already attract a lot of crazy people and crazy questions I am not sure inviting random people to talk to me is a good thing 🙂
      I think I have 3 of the girls from my Swedish class convinced we need a coffee club…

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