2013 Goals Update 2

Every month I hope to keep you all updated on my progress toward my yearly goals.

End of February, how am I doing with my yearly goals?

Well, over all this month I have not made much progress…

1: work at the office 5 days a week: DONE! Actually maybe too much work…

2: work out: OK well, good news, I haven’t gained any weight…bad news, haven’t lost any more and more importantly basically haven’t worked out at all this month. With my new busy evening schedule and things picking up at work I need to rethink when and where I can work out. I am going to try this coming month not just to work out more but to find more convenient times or places. **goal of the month: 2 times a week**

3: keep up with blog: Again a huge failure on this. The number of half completed posts or just blog ideas has piled up into maybe an insurmountable list. Honestly as the list got longer the less I wanted to deal with this. So trying to remove the pressure to back post these old posts and starting fresh with posting new events in a timely manner. I will still keep the back posts for the next month and try to update these also but after that I am deleting them. **goal of the month**

4: work on my Swedish: My Swedish class is going well. I haven’t missed a class yet but I also haven’t invested much time out of class to working on my Swedish. So this month my goal is to practice more outside of class…and spend some time learning the vocabulary we go over in class.

Outlook for March: WORK ON THE BLOG, find a better way to fit in workouts, and keep up with Swedish class.

I hope you guys will help keep me motivated and honest about the results of this 🙂


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