Tax Office Brev

To get my Swedish Tax office ID I need a letter from the Tax office. I paid for the ID and took all the forms and information to get it before the holidays. They told me I would receive 2 letters, one which had my information to go pick up my ID from the tax office and one with some online codes for using their system. I got the code letter (brev) before Christmas but didn’t get the other letter. I have called 2 times to the main tax office but they kept telling me just to wait. Finally I went to the office in Malmö and waited in line for hours to talk to a person.

Yes, my ID is sitting in the office, and has been there since Dec. 28. I did need the letter to get the ID though. So they had the letter resent from Stockholm. *cross fingers* *haller tummarna*


3 comments on “Tax Office Brev

  1. This is just tooooo much. I think you are amazing in how you manage to retry, and retry, and retry… I would have been so angry I had probablo also been very rude, which is not productive.

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