2013 Goal Update 1

Every month I hope to keep you all updated on my progress toward my yearly goals.

End of January, how am I doing with my yearly goals. Copying my goals from just after the new year, here is an update on the progress.

1: work at the office 5 days a week: DONE! successfully am going in to work in a more honest way (helps that I have more to do and many more meetings) and even the days I have worked from home have been much more productive.

2: work out 3 days a week in January…up it to 4-5 days a week in Feb and March and keep up for the year: OK not really done…I averaged about 2 days a week but as I have lost 9 kg since December 28th I will continue to try to do this by resetting this goal to be work out 3 days a week in Feb.

3: post more often and in a timely manner to the blog: ok this one is the real failure this month. I have been so busy that I keep starting posts and not going back and editing them and posting them. Basically I am failing at the shipping part of the project **main focus for the next month**

4: work on my Swedish: I am now taking a Swedish class 2 nights a week. It started this week and will go to the end of March.

Outlook for February: work on the blog, work out more, and keep up with Swedish class.

I hope you guys will help keep me motivated and honest about the results of this 🙂


2 comments on “2013 Goal Update 1

  1. Hurra! Jag tycker det verkar som om du är väldigt framgångsrik. Många av dina ambitiösa mål är väldigt krävande men du är helt klart på rätt väg. Kämpa vidare!

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