Godis och Godisskål

When my farmor moved out of the house she and my farfar had lived in since my dad was 2, she gave all of us a lot of their things. When my parents asked what I wanted there wasn’t anything in particular I really wanted. Then when she moved apartments to a new more service elderly house last year, again we were all asked what we wanted. After thinking about it I told my parents I wanted the candy bowl that was on a side table in their living room in the old house. When we came to visit she always had small candy coated liquorish candies (think Good & Plenty) which came in many colors and were both yummy and so pretty in the bowl.

When we were dividing all the inheritance things with my parents earlier this summer we decided that we would leave the candy bowl in Sweden so I could have it in my apartment here. When my aunt saw the bowl she made some comment about that silly, old, broken bowl. I had to confess that I had broken the top of the bowl a long time ago.

My farfar was sitting on the couch in the living room and I was around 10 and trying to “sneak” candy…and I dropped the top of the candy bowl sending the sphere on top of the spire rolling off under the couch. My farfar who was blind but obviously hear the clear sound of the top breaking, made a funny conspirator face and told me that if we didn’t tell farmor she wouldn’t notice. I am pretty sure he may have even told her that he broke it 😉 because of course she did notice.

Candy Bowl

Candy Bowl

Now I can have good liquorish candy in my home to share with visitors too. I couldn’t find the kind of candies (godis) that farmor always had but I found some other good ones.


One comment on “Godis och Godisskål

  1. Ha, ha… so that was the story!
    I actually think I saw “the right kind” of candy not so long ago. I will give it a try on my next tour… I miss them too.

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