One of my favorite holiday traditions is my advent calendar. My farmor made this calendar and one for my younger brother. When I was young, farmor would send us small packages to tie on to the different days. Then for a while my grandmother in California sent us packages for the advent calendar and finally when everyone else thought that we kids were quite old enough and didn’t really need advent calendars, my mother started doing the presents. That is right I am almost 30 and still have an advent calendar every year! You wish you were so lucky 🙂

Advent Calendar

Advent Calendar

While in college and graduate school my mom would make a trip to IKEA to buy traditional Swedish candies and wrap them up for each day on the calendar. Every year in Chicago, I got a package before December 1st, with a bag of packages and instructions on how to tie them on to the calendar.  This year’s instructions where Dec 24, Dec 13 (Lucia) gold packages…then alternate ribbon colors randomly for other days.

I have been eagerly awaiting opening my first packages, because as every year when I was a kid, I made an educated guess to what was under the wrapping paper based on shape. This year I didn’t tell my brother that he had gotten a whole box of those stamp markers because look there were so many packages on his calendar of the same shape (I think he was 7 that year), but I was pretty sure that I got mostly fun sized milky way bars.

1st Sunday of advent

1st Sunday of advent

Figuring that my mom is adorable, I was expecting that this year I would be getting traditional American candy since I am in Sweden and we normally do the opposite. The first of December I did get a milky way!

Today is the first official day of advent (which is really only the 4 Sundays before Christmas). It is a perfect winter day, the snow is falling outside and so in anticipation of a milky way I opened my advent present. However I got 2 mini dark chocolate milky ways instead! Tricky mother!

I am looking forward to the rest of advent and spending sometime learning about the Swedish traditions for these holidays. Advent calendars are one of my favorite holiday traditions; what is one of yours?


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