Tivioli! and the rain…

Every year while living in Chicago, I would go to the the Christkindlmarket with my best friends. We would show up early in the morning as soon as the market opened (11am) and browse the stalls. After getting cold enough we would have a glass of Glühwein and keep shopping. Around 1pm or so as the market got busy we would have finished and would get a bratwurst with sauerkraut to go.

When I got to Sweden just a few weeks ago, I was discussing the holiday schedule with my aunt and uncle. I told them about an article I had read in one of those “plane magazines” on the 5 best Christmas markets in Europe. Number 1 was in Prague (where I totally want to visit) but 3 or 4 was Tivoli in Denmark! So close…my aunt couldn’t remember how long it had been since she had been to Tivoli but years was the answer. We started to looking at calendars (3 adults at the kitchen table with their smart phones ;). Finally we found one of the only days we could go….

I had 3 goals: (1) have fun, (2) find some fun holiday decorations or Christmas presents, (3) get a picture for my holiday card!

So the day was finally here and it was rainy and cold (traditional Skånes winter I am told). We decided to go for it and took the train over the bridge to Denmark to avoid driving and parking in the city.

entering a "winter wonderland"

entering a “winter wonderland”

Despite the rain it was really pretty. What is better during holiday time than lights and Christmas trees with shinny things to buy?

Russian Fairy Tales

Russian Fairy Tales

This year’s theme was Russian Fairy Tales but the only nod to that that I saw were these front two shops.



Other than that it was pretty eclectic. There were reindeer in front of these Chinese structures.

fall2012 217


But the real reason for going to a Christmas market is the SHOPPING. Tivoli also has games and rides but as the big roller-coaster wasn’t running do to the rain I wasn’t tempted by any of these. So shopping; imagine that you could buy all your Christmas presents in one day, in one place, plus get something fun for you. I have done this at the market in Chicago, excluding a few specialized gifts people specifically asked for. I didn’t find anything I needed to buy. First, I own a lot of holiday decorations back in the US…plus I just had to pack them all up so I am very aware of how much I currently own. Also, I had sort of decided to limit the number of Christmas presents I would shop for this year and I had a great idea for most of the presents I needed just a few days before. But I do love Swedish/Scandinavian Jultomta. I love how they are like gnomes and not like the “jolly” figure used in for Santa in America. So goal #2 was  a bust…

fall2012 218


This wall of Tomtar were so fun I was seriously tempted but I have a similar Tomta that a cousin of my dad made herself.

So the shopping wasn’t as exciting as I had hoped but after getting some food we wondered around looking at the lights after sunset. This is what Tivoli is known for and it was wonderful! Below are some of my favorite pictures of the evening:

fall2012 227


fall2012 230

Russian Palace

fall2012 231

ljus rendjur

Finally as we were getting ready to leave, I finally got a picture that I could use in my annual holiday card  and we headed back to the train and back to Sweden….I had a wonderful time despite the rain and cold…I am glad we went…(yay! goal #1 &#3 done!)

fall2012 232

march into fun!

2/3 goals done!


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