CAKE! see you should go to coffee hour…

This afternoon when 15:00 came around my office mate asked if I was going to coffee. “It is cake day.” Cake??? Now I love deserts in Sweden because they are often not as sweet as those in the US and also they tend to be more favor full and have differing textures. Äppelkaka tastes like apples, gunillakaka tastes of vanilla, and pepparkaka tastes like ginger and each has a different texture and non of them are like American cake. Each week a different group of people are in charge of making the coffee for all the coffee hours and then on Friday they bring cake for afternoon coffee.

This is brilliant. You want your students and employees to keep working hard on Friday afternoon…bribe them with cake 🙂  See you should go to coffee hour!

Today we had German apple tart with vanilla sauce and layered kind of cheese cake and a sugar cake ….YAY CAKE!

I wonder if this can be used to capitalize on my memory to go to coffee hour…this week my score is 7/10 .


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