Happy Thanksgiving abroad

Today is Thanksgiving. One of my favorite holidays, Thanksgiving is a day for hanging out with family, eating some food, and watching the parade 🙂

However, today I went to work all day and will be eating pizza and playing board games with the guys tonight. It feels very weird to be working on a day when you normally watch TV all day and eat too much food. This got me thinking about made up holidays. Because lets be honest, Thanksgiving is basically a made up holiday. Now I enjoy plenty of made up holidays, as long as you see them for what they are. American Thanksgiving comes at a time when it is getting colder and darker outside and is supposed to be about remembering all the advantages we have in this world. While I like the traditional turkey meal on thanksgiving I love the sandwiches made with left overs the days after. Seeing all the “Happy Turkey Day”‘s on facebook is making me realize that to Americans thanksgiving is a day of national unity and family cohesion. I know for lots of families this isn’t what actually happens but many American’s still have the illusion or hope that it will. When you are far away looking back at a tradition it becomes more clear what parts of that tradition are useful or meaningful.

To me thanksgiving is those cozy days that you curl up with a book and family before the stress of the rest of the holiday season. In that spirit I am hoping to relax and have fun playing games tonight and remembering all the things I have to be thankful for. My mother always has us go around the table and say what we are thankful for before we are allowed to eat.


This year I am thankful for family who have helped me to move to a new country and get settled here. I am thankful for big changes in life and learning to not pre-decide and go with the flow.


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