Bureaucracy is the same everywhere…#2 Va Fan!

After finally getting a copy of my Migration Board decision in the mail and making photo copies of all the paperwork the women at the Tax Office had said I needed to bring, I headed back to the Tax Office. I went first thing in the morning when they opened (at 10am…) and waited to see a helper person again. I got a different guy and when I explained what I was doing he said “I don’t know that this works” Really? It is exactly what the other person told me to bring…and she is on the other side of the room you can go ask her. He then told me he was just joking. I almost said…well I knew Swedes weren’t that funny but really…I thought better of it. Then he told me “that is silly, I am not sure that you need these extra information forms but sure I will add them to your application.” SERIOUSLY? seriously?

When I asked how long it would take to get the person number he told me 6 weeks or maybe faster with these additional forms…are you kidding…people move to this country and for over a month they can’t get a bank account, need to pay for everything in cash (which almost no one else does), and they can’t get an apartment or all sorts of other things….over a month? Bureaucracy is the same everywhere…Va Fan!


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