Bureaucracy is the same everywhere…

The first morning I was in Sweden I went to the Migration Board to get an ID saying that I had the right to be in the country. After getting this ID I would then have to go to the Tax Office to get a “personnumber” to be able to do anything: get an official ID card at work, get a bank account, check the balance of your bus card online, pay with a credit card….

After waiting to get this ID in the mail, I gathered the other forms of ID listed online and headed to the tax office. When I got there I was told to fill out a certain piece of paper and then to wait for the next helper. When I gave her my passport and Migration ID she said…oh we can’t give you a number because this is less than a year…what? so apparently because you can’t enter the country until the day your visa starts, and then you can go get your Migration ID so the date the ID was issued was after when the visa started (by 9 days)  and the fact that the type of visa I have only allows you to get a visa for one year at a time, I didn’t have an ID for a whole year but instead for 356 days. So now I would need a copy of the Migration Board’s decision and paperwork from the University saying they would pay me and I would need to come back to the office another time 😦

So on the way to the bus I called the Migration Board (when I was getting my visa I was on hold with them for over an hour). The phone said the wait time was 30min and at that point I would be on the bus. Since the office hours would leave them open for about an hour after I got off the bus I decided to wait and call back when I arrived so that I wouldn’t be talking about my passport number on the bus. When I got off the bus and called back the office had closed for the day (30min after the last time I had called in fact). Va Fan! When I called the first time they said their normal office hours in the message and nothing about closing early…it wasn’t a holiday or anything but they just closed early with no warning…really? really? Sweden is supposed to be organized? No bureaucracy is the same everywhere! crappy!


2 comments on “Bureaucracy is the same everywhere…

  1. I know the feeling! I have had to deal with tax offices, banks, doctors etc. in both England, Denmark and Italy and for anyone not native to the country it seems pre-decided that it should be a real hassle… The only place I don’t remember it to be all that difficult was in the US. But I was there on a student visa, had my pocket money in cash and didn’t work… Any thing else I suspect your parents solved for me! 🙂

    Welcome to Sweden and good luck with your new apartment, dear cousin! Let me know if you need help with anything! 🙂


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