Wait Wait Swedes don’t produce enough trash…

so I was listening to the Wait Wait podcast of last week’s show on the way to work today and they talked about Sweden! Link to segment with comments (it is the first story told): http://www.npr.org/2012/11/10/164841742/bluff-the-listener

so basically they talk about how Sweden has begun to import trash from Norway (insert obscure Scandinavian joke about Sweden being better than Norway or Denmark) because Swedes have been using a method to turn the heat from burning trash into energy. My first thought was this is Wait Wait and the segment is called bluff the listener so only one of the stories is true…thus not this one. But after listening to the other stories the Sweden imports trash seemed more likely. And while Wait Wait often uses obscure references the story seemed so factual that it must be true. So after coffee break today I did some research. First, yes, Sweden is importing trash and they even have a powerpoint presentation to tell you about the trash to energy process: http://www.avfallsverige.se/fileadmin/uploads/forbranning_eng.pdf Plus they don’t just have one of these plants they have over 30! Field trip? There is one in the town where I am looking for an apartment in…I wonder if they give tours.


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