Coffee Time is Serious Business…

which apparently I am not good at…

So my coffee score is 3 and 4, not even 50% success rate. Every day, twice a day is department coffee time. This is important because it is chance to meet people and get to know my co-workers…since we don’t share an office, and the department is small, and we all work on our own computers each day, and don’t have weekly meetings…this is important. The problem is I have slight (undiagnosed) ADD (attention deficit disorder) and my method of coping is hyper focusing! i.e., I block out everything around me by looking at a very small part of my computer screen and using tools that don’t show things like my email while I am working. I am not a person with  10 windows open at once. I try to keep my desk totally clear except a water bottle which I keep far enough away from my keyboard that I can’t see it with out turning my head. I blast music (often classical) in my head phones because it helps me to have something specific to block out when I start working, it helps me work to block out everything else around me. So basically I am a really good hermit. I have never been good at going to department seminars, meetings, or apparently coffee breaks. I have to set alarms to remind myself and then half the time, I say “yah ok, as soon as I finish this one thing”…20 min later I look at the clock and see I missed it or would be so late it would be ruder to show up.

This issue has transferred to coffee time which at first I felt was a little silly to set an alarm for but after two days this week of only making it to coffee when reminded by my need for coffee when it just happened to be time and having a meeting with my boss directly after coffee time I thought it might be best to try the alarm system. Today I heard the alarm this morning and went up for coffee. I even took my personal coffee cup (YAY Northwestern purple and argyle!). Then this afternoon apparently I was so focused that I didn’t even hear the alarm, which according to my officemate I turned off pretty quickly but don’t remember. I wonder if there is something in my brain that is resistant to alarms (I also struggle getting up to alarms and have to use ones that are obnoxious to everyone else but I still turn off with out noticing) or if there are better strategies for reminders.

NU coffee cup 🙂


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